Friday, August 29, 2014

Fall Vibes....

As you all know Fall is approaching, and it's actually one of my favorite seasons. There's just something about it I enjoy, makes me feel happy. I also love fall fashion especially (leather jackets, boots, hats etc). But what I really wanted to discuss was makeup duhhh lol. I'm all about a dark vampy lip. It pretty much goes with anything and it gives you edge. I typically pair a dark lip with warm eye shadow tones to compliment the look. I want to go over some of my favorite deep lip shades and give you guys options for the upcoming season. Feel free to suggest others I didn't list, I'm always on a hunt for new makeup :) I included lipsticks, lip pencils, a gloss and some liquid lipsticks.

Mac "Diva" - One of my favorite shades of all time
Mac "Sin" - Very similar to Diva but slightly deeper
Wet N Wild "Sugar Plum Fairy" - Cant beat a $3 lipstick!
NYX "Melot" - Not as deep as the others but a more natural plum shade
Lorac "Dominatrix"- Love the intensity of the pigment

Diva, Sin, Sugar Plum Fairy, Merlot, Dominatrix

Nars Jumbo "Train Bleu" - I loveee this product because you can actually substitute it for a lipstick
Mac "Nightmoth" - One of my go to's when applying deeper shades
Mac "Vino" - Also a great shade although its very similar to Nightmoth
Mac "Currant" - Love to mix this one with deeper reds
Makeup Forever Aqua Lip "12C" - Very smooth and rich in color

    Train Bleu, Nightmoth, Vino, Currant, 12C

Doseofcolors "Berry Me" - Super long lasting and an overall great shade
Limecrime "Wicked" - More on the red side but can be made deeper with lip pencil
O.C.C Lip Tar "Black Dahlia" - This is one of the most unique gorgeous shades I've ever tried

                                                      Berry Me, Wicked, Black Dahlia

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Drugstore Products

So I have been getting numerous requests on drugstore makeup, so I gathered some of my favorite products to share with you. Now most of the products shown are either lip or eye products. I didn't include a foundation/concealer because I have not found any that is even remotely comparable to Armani Luminous Silk foundation/Makeup Forever Full cover. Drugstore foundations don't seem to make my color, I'm not yellow or pink I'm typically neutral and none of the shades match me whatsoever. So lets start with the eye products. I love the L'oréal Smoledering Eye Pencil!! Its super black and can be easily applied to the waterline or eye lid. I personally use it on the waterline. As far as the Maybelline Master Kajal Pencil I would use it only on the lid, its also super black but doesn't go on as dark as the L'oréal pencil. NYC Liquid Liner has been one of my favorite products for years now. I have tried every liquid liner known to mankind haha and I still end up going back to this one. Its very black, doesn't peel like others and stays on all day. If you're on a budget or are lazy to go to a makeup department store Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner is a great alternative. Its affordable, lasts all day and easy to use. Totally forgot to mention the mascaras so I had to go back and include this in the post lol. I included two of my favorite mascaras (as listed in photo) they not only give volume, but they separate don't clump and lengthen the lashes. Swatches of liners are in order of the picture (Left to Right)

Also I really like the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow. You can literally apply them with your finger, all over the eye lid and on tear duct. They feel super soft, go on easy and love the metallic finish. I recently picked up some L'oréal infallible shadows and I have to say they are superrrr pigmented! So rich with color although I wish they had more of a selection. I listed my three favorite colors that I chose so check out the swatches. If I had to describe how they feel I would say kind of like a pressed pigment minus all the sparkle. I would definitely recommend these!

Maybelline Color Tattoo (Bad To The Bronze, Barely Blended,  Inked In Pink)
                           L'oréal Infallible (Amber Rush, Eternal Sunshine, Glistenting Garnet)

Now lets jump into the lip products. I've been loving the Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipbalm. I have listed two of my favorite shades "Unapologetic" and "Audacious". They're perfect if you're on the go, the color pigmentation is surprisingly good and theres many shades to pick from. They feel super soft on the lips, not cakey or drying. I also included my favorite hair tie product. I go through a pack every two weeks and somehow always end up losing them haha :) If I find other gems at the drugstore I will be sure to an updated review! Let me know your thoughts. What are some products you like? 

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Unapologetic, Audacious

Monday, August 25, 2014

Selfie Secrets....

I get asked very frequently on what camera/lighting I use, and how I edit my Instagram photos. Taking selfies isn't as easy as it looks, there is an art to it. As I previously stated in an earlier post I have always been into photography and editing. I remember having my Myspace page hooooooked up! Haha I'm dead serious my page looked like an official website. Graphics everywhere, picture slideshows, music and videos. I mean if you haven't noticed Im over the top! Ok so let's start with the camera. I use Sony Nex 6, that came with the original basic lens. This camera is everything!!! It has a softening effect which makes the photo look airbrushed so it needs very little editing. As far as lighting goes its always best to go with natural sunlight. It will offer the best result and color. Indoor lighting helps when its nighttime or if its a cloudy day, but I definitely prefer natural light over indoor lighting. Now if you are interested in indoor lighting you have a couple of options (soft box or ring light). Both will do but they give off different lighting. I personally have both, because I can't always depend on natural sunlight due to weather and time of the day. Photographs with a ring light literally leave a ring of light in your eye. Now depending on the makeup look it can tend to look weird. Sometimes I prefer the ring light and other times a soft box. So what I like about the soft box is the light is spread throughout your entire face, not just the center. It definitely offers more exposure then the ring light. Lighting equipment is essential to a good photo, without lighting you have basically have nothing. It is the main key. The ring light I own is "Diva Ring Light", and the soft box actually didn't have a brand, its from Ebay. Now lets jump into editing apps. I am an app junkie, I loooooove finding newer and better ones. Currently my go to app for majority of my photos is Facetune. I believe its one of the most advanced apps I have yet to find. It basically does everything you can imagine. For filters I often use Moldiv, Camerabag2 and Instagram ones. Moldiv is also great for pic stitching. Some other favorites are PhotoWizard, Camera+, PicsPlayPro, Lenslight, and Linecamera. I hope this review helped let me know your thoughts below :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Love For Makeup....

I feel like this is the perfect platform to open up about my background in makeup. Hmm where do I start? Well Ive had a passion for makeup since I was in high school. I decided to take the first step by attending M.U.D beauty school in Soho, NYC. Sadly I didn't learn much, I took the main beauty course which lasted a month and 15 days. They mostly taught us how to do stage/tv makeup, which wasn't very beneficial to me considering that wasn't the direction I was heading in. So for about a year I was really scared pursuing a career in makeup. I wasn't too confident and I kind of held off looking for a job. Until one day I randomly walked into my local Sephora to actually shop, and I coincidentally asked one of the managers if they were hiring. She said yes and I got the job two weeks after. I was super nervous working for them because I had no professional experience in makeup. Little did I know a lot of their employees didn't know much about makeup either. So I felt at home. Working at Sephora opened up a whole world for me, there was so much to learn about and it was the best place to practice my skills. The more I did makeup the better I got. I eventually left Sephora to go work for Mac. That's where I grew the most. Working around so many skilled artists was amazing. After so many months of working for Mac, I reached a point where I felt I needed to quit. Reason why is because I knew I wasn't meant to have a boss, my only boss was me. I have never been one to follow, and taking directions was not my strong point. So I knew I had to move on to the next chapter. I freelanced for a while until it wore out. Instagram started to open so many doors for me, and I was excited for new opportunities. I discovered that my next venture would be blogging on Instagram. Ive always enjoyed taking pictures, not just of myself but of anything I found interesting. I'm a very visual person, and with Instagram I was able to combine all the things I enjoyed (Makeup, Fashion, Photography, Design) My life has changed drastically due to Instagram and I am thankful for all the people that supported me. I just want to say don't ever give up on your dreams, as cliché as that sounds. Go for what you want and don't let anyone stop you. Life is too short to settle for anything less.

Doseofcolors Liquid Matte Lipstick

So who doesn't love a matte lip? I know I do. These four new shades just released on There will be two more additional shades added to the collection but for now I will obsess over these four. As some of you may know reds are my favorite lip color to wear, and I love both of these shown in the picture. The dark berry color is perfect for fall, and the purple has the most prettiest blue undertone. Purple shades are hard to find in lip colors so for all those searching for a cool shade this is it! They're extremely pigmented and a little goes a long way. Very long lasting which is probably the best part considering we do so much throughout the day (eat, drink, lick our lips haha) They retail at $18. I also included swatches :) Colors listed as shown in picture (Left-Right)

               Purple Rain      Berry Me      Kiss Of Fire       Merlot

Thursday, August 21, 2014

L.A Girl Cosmetics "Glazed" lippies review

I am blown away by all these new colors L.A Girl Cosmetics has released. They already carry six other shades which are not shown in the picture, but can be found on their website if you're interested. So first impression I love the color expansion, they're very unique from what I've seen. They can be compared to Too Faced 'Melted" but I personally like these better and here is why. First and foremost they are WAY more affordable then Too Faced "Melted" and you cant beat a good deal. "Glazed" are $4 and "Melted" are $21. Pigment payoff is amazing and might even be better then the "Melted". Now the biggest factor for me is the amount color selection, I am mesmerized. The corals/pinks are absolutely gorgeous, they're definitely my favorite. The plums are perfect for fall, just in time. And the nude shades are so unique can't help but love them. I also received some lip liners. They're very pigmented, however I don't like retractable pencils. I personally love wooden pencils that you can sharpen, simply because I can make them pointy. I will list the names in the order of the picture (Left-Right)
Glazed Glosses
Lip pencils
Dark Plum
True Red

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Let's talk FASHION! My favorite shade to wear is white! I incorporate it with basically any other color. There is something so classy about white, makes a tan pop and accentuates the body. Ive paired this Bebe skirt with a tan suede crop top from Forever 21. And yes I had to throw on some leopard shoes, these are from The clutch is from and accessories are (code:amrezy for 10% off) Now I am not necessarily a designer whore. I don't put a price on fashion, simply because it doesn't matter to me how much an item costs. My only concern is how it will look. I personally can find a top for 20 bucks and you will never know the cost, because its all how carry yourself. Sometimes you can find something for less which can still look fashionable and presentable. Now I am not knocking on anyone who loves designer things, different strokes for different folks. I just firmly believe that you wear the clothes, they don't wear you. What do you guys think? Tell me your thoughts? I want my blog to be a place where I share my tips and tricks but at the same time I want to get to know you as well. So please don't be shy and leave me some comments :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Accessory GALORE

As some of you may know already I am infatuated with bling!!!! In my opinion with the right accessories you can completely dress up an outfit. Yes I get it shoes and clothes are important but for me the first thing I do when I enter a store is go straight to the accessories section. Its an absolute must! As I stated in a previous post, I have really been digging Bohemian style jewelry.  Although gold will always be my first love. So lets get specific, I loveeeee statement pieces. I go BIG! As over the top as possible, now this may not work for everyone but its just my preference. I am open to mixing gold with any color.  There's been many times where I would throw on a casual outfit (jeans, blazer, tee-shirt) and jazz it up with necklace/earrings/bracelet/rings. Don't be afraid of accessories they are your friend! I'm including some of my favorite peaces at the moment. And yes I have a code! Im the queen of discounts muahahaha :) Pieces are apart of the #AmrezyCollection by Queenpee on Instagram ( Code:amrezy

Monday, August 18, 2014

Favorite Brushes

I figured some of you were interested as to what brushes I use on a daily basis. Some are new in my routine some are old. For eyeshadow application I typically use Mac, I still have many considering I was once a freelance makeup artist and they've lasted me super long. The Morphe and Sigma brushes are new in my routine and I have been loving them! Especially the duo fibre. I listed them below, hope this helps.

Blush - Anastasia Beverly Hills (no number on brush)
Contour - Anastasia Beverly Hills (no number on brush)
Foundation - Morphe Brushes (M427)
Concealer - Morphe Brushes (M436)
Highlighter- Morphe Brushes (M310)
Crease(eye) - Morphe Brushes (M310)
Crease(eye) - Morphe Brushes (M139)
Crease(eye) - Morphe Brushes (M412)
Crease(eye) - Mac (210)
Blending - Mac (224)
Smudger - Sigma (E21)
Eyeliner - Mac (210)

Notice I love crease brushes haha, shadow must always be blended!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Skincare routine

Let's just jump right into this. I'm pretty basic when it comes to skincare, to be honest I'm lazy and absolutely hate any kind of routine. For my cleanser and moisterizer I use Brian Champagne's line. Now I can't say much since I'm not really skincare savy, but what I do now is its worked for my skin. When I moved to LA in April I experienced breakouts due to the drastic climate change. I was used to humidity in New York and that actually worked better for my skin considering I'm as dry as the Sahara Desert. My skin would break out no matter what I used. Tried multiple different skincare brands and nothing seemed to work until I stumbled upon this. I don't know where you can purchase it but feel free to check Brian Champagne on Instagram and you might find the answer. As far as removing my makeup the Aveeno wipes and Maybelline remover are my absolute FAVORITE. I've been using it for over a year now and cannot complain, gets the job done. Also you can't beat the price, I know products can be expensive but I feel so happy knowing I can go to my local drugstore/pharmacy and pick it up. Please feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or questions :)

Friday, August 15, 2014


Let's talk fashion! Lately I have been obsessing over everything bohemian! Especially these necklaces, I have so many and I can't wait to share. Necklace is from Top is from Forever21, Jeans from Zara, and bracelets also from Forever21. I typically wear gold but I've been feeling this grunge silver look lately. I am a creature of change so I love to try new things. Also wearing my 20 inch Bellami extensions(shade:jet black) if you would like a little discount use my code "amrezy" on Will list makeup details on my Instagram @amrezy :)                          

Dewy Secrets...

So this is probably one of my most asked questions on Instagram. How I get glowing dewy skin? I also included the concealer I use because I also get a lot of questions on it. First and foremost the most important factor of this routine is Mac Fix +. It basically gives your skin not only moisture but it emphasizes the highlight to another level. Essentially its designed to have powder sink into your skin and make it appear very natural and non-cakey. Now before adding all these products its recommended to use your daily moisturizer. To get extra moisture I apply Fix + after my moisturizer.  I then go ahead and apply my Armani Luminous Silk foundation (shade #8) and yes this foundation is AMAZING! As seen in the picture for concealer I use Makeup Forever Full Cover (shade#3). It's the most flawless coverage and it dries matte. For my highlight I use my absolute favorite product of all time, Est ér Lauder "Heat Wave". I use this every time I do my makeup, its definetely a staple product. The brush I use to apply the highlighter is shown in the picture below, Morphe M310. It picks up just enough product and truly gives a flawless application. After all these steps are completed I spray my face once again with Mac Fix +, after about 30 minutes my skin starts to look wet. Now I don't recommend this for everyone, if you have oily skin you probably won't be ecstatic with the outcome considering you will end up looking greasy. I on the other hand have very dry skin, therefore I prefer this look over matte any day. I hope I was helpful with this review, let me know your thoughts :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Amrezy Palette

I figured this is the best platform to finally talk about the ins and outs of the Amrezy Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. When I was presented with this opportunity you can imagine the level of excitement I felt. Although it didn't hit me up until it was actually made. As you know throughout the process of making this palette I worked along with my bestie who you may know by @norvina on Instagram. Well little did I know we would become so close during this process. The minute we started working together I knew what I wanted. All the colors were already pre thought and even Claudia herself was surprised as to how quick I made up my mind. As you can imagine I was very strategic with the color scheme. I've always wanted to create a palette that included every color you would need without having to reach out to other palettes. I own many palettes and there has never been one that I felt covered everything, meaning pop of color, neutrals, shimmery, matte, dark, and light. Also I thought it was EXTREMELY important to create crease colors, which are my go to "Morocco"and "Caramel". I felt that a lot of other brands lacked on adding crease colors and as a makeup artist this was something that had to be included, because no matter what eye look I do I absolutely have to use a transition color.  I picked shades that I felt would look good on all skin tones, and of course all kinds of women. I wanted to reach every audience. I felt that people would appreciate the neutrals colors the most but I couldn't forget to add at least two bright shades because I know some people are more daring than others. I want to know what you guys think about it? Leave me some comments below :)