Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quick Update!

Hey guys!!! So some of you have been requesting blog posts and I just wanted to let you know that my blog is under construction! It's looking real basic right about now. I am in the process of getting it re-designed. I have been wanting to hook it up ever since I started a blog, and it has taken some time to find the right person to personalize it. As soon as its done I will get back to blogging. Thank you all for your patience and I will be back soon!!! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tanning Secrets.....

I was asked to do a post on tanning products and such things so here it is. I absolutely must be tan at all times. Summer is my favorite season and I tan really easily, I can layout just a couple of hours and catch some color. I have an olive skin tone so its super easy for me. Now unfortunately Summer does not last all year long. So I found some other ways to achieving a tan. One for obvious reasons is a tanning salon, I do tan in beds or stand ups. Yes I know it's bad for you, but so is everything else. So fuck it. To get a glow bronze look I use Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer. I love this stuff. It goes for about $32 and you can get it on Loraccosmetics.com site. You apply it with your hands and rub it on evenly on areas you prefer. I usually lotion the areas that are exposed such as: legs, arms, or chest. It washes off at the end of the night. It gives you an instant bronzy glow while it
adds color. I pretty much wear this all the time, it can get messy BUT its still worth the use. Let me know your thoughts below, and feel free to recommend products you like :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Undergarment secretssss....

Hey guys!! Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks now. I haven't had time to blog, I've been all over the place had so much to do. But I'M BACK, well for now lol. So I wanted to do a post on bras and shape wear. I always get asked what kind of bras I wear and what brand of spanks I wear. Well I bring you answers! So most of the time I wear the Victoria's Secret "Bombshell Bra" $49.50. Reason why I like this specific bra is because it shapes the boobs so nicely, makes them round and smooth. This bra does add two cup sizes which is completely unnecessary for my case since my boobs are huge on their own. And yes they are real for those who were curious, my size is 34D. However for anyone who wants lift and size I definitely recommend it. Although lately I have been buying non padded bras, mainly because padded ones make my boobs look like two big watermelons, its almost too damn big. I purchased various colors from Target, the bra is called "Favorite Lightly Lined Demi Bra" and its $14.99. Now that's a bargain! I also get frequently asked what kind of bras do I wear with low cut or backless clothing, the answer is I don't. If my dress/top is backless or low cut a bra is not necessary. Not only will it be really hard to hide it but it would look obvious and tacky. I have really perky boobs, because I always slept with a bra, so if I'm not wearing one they still stay up and in place.  Ok moving on to spanks. They are fuckin' LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!!! I swear by them, they're like magic. Not only do they shape your body, but they hide any cellulite that could possibly show through clothing. It smoothes everything out, for me this is extremely important considering I have cellulite on my thighs. The cool thing about these spanks is they're not tight on the butt so it won't flatten it, it will actually lift. Most spanks flatten the butt which is annoying but these are just perfect. I purchased the spanks at Target. They are $28, and come in black and nude. The brand is called ASSETS.  I will attach the picture below.  Well as always I hope this post helped, I try to share tips as often as I can. Let me know your thoughts below! :)
Victoria's Secret "Bombshell"
Favorite Lightly Lined Demi Bra by Gilligan & O'Malley

ASSETS by Sara Blakely A Spanx

Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to achieve a natural glowing look

It feels like I haven't written a post in forever! But I'm back! I figured I would do a post on natural glowing skin. As some of you already know I am a huge fan of radiant, dewy skin. Not only does it look youthful but it truly accentuates your features. I may have said that before so forgive me lol. I used very few products for this look, sometimes less is more. I typically achieve a glow by using powder highlighters which are known to appear slightly heavier, but for this look I'm using a liquid highlighter. Reason why I chose this specific liquid highlighter is because it blends into the skin in a way thats not too noticeable. It still gets the job done without leaving a trail of makeup or looking cakey. I really love this Gerard Cosmetics BB plus illumination creme. I do suggest mixing it with your foundation or even just a moisturizer. If you mix it with your moisturizer it will give you a beautiful healthy glow, if you mix with a foundation it will offer coverage with the addition of the glow. Its totally your choice but I still wanted some coverage therefore I used my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Ok so first I applied my moisturizer, I didn't include it in the photos but feel free to use your own daily moisturizer. Then I sprayed my face with Mac's Fix+. I applied my foundation with a damp beauty blender as shown in the photo above. I then applied a fair amount of the BB plus illumination creme on my Morphe Brush M436, I started stippling the product onto my cheek bones, bridge of nose, cupid's bow, brow bone, décolletage and a hint above the brow. Finished the look with another spray of Mac Fix+. Applied my favorite mascara, (Too Faced "Better Than Sex") and a lip balm. And there is this! I actually really like this look because its so effortless and soft, let me know what you guys think!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Recent purchases....

I said in a previous post that I would review the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter "Opal" when it came in and its here!!! Along with some other makeup goodies I recently got. I included two palettes from Too Faced and three shades from the Nars Audacious Collection. Ok let's just dive in. First impression of the Becca highlighter is HOLY PIGMENT. Its definitely more pigmented then any other highlighter I own. I have wore it a couple of times already and I do like it, pleasantly surprised at how great this product is. I would definitely recommend it, it is available for purchase and is not limited edition. On to the Nars lipsticks. I am in love with these! They're a tad pricy but let's be honest I would pay any amount for makeup lol. The packaging is very chic, and its actually magnetic. Pigment is amazing, comes on with one swipe. The finish is sort of like Mac's Satin lipstick. There is a wide variety of colors, but I didn't want to purchase too many without testing a few first. Now that I've tried them I will definitely be getting more colors. Last but not least, Too Faced palettes. I looooove their packaging, they always have the cutest concepts. Also been using these for the past week and I love them. Only thing I wish they had was a matte crease/transition color. Other then that THUMBS UP!



                                                            À LA MODE AND CAT EYES

St. Tropez, Cannes, Soleil
Riviera, Jardin, Cote d'Azur
La Croisette, Monaco, De La Mer
Purr, Tiger's Eyes, Leopard
Meow, Pussy Cat, Jungle Love
Kitten, Kitty Glitter, Panther


Monday, September 15, 2014

Blazer craze

If you haven't already noticed I am blazer junkie. I love love loveeeeeeeee them! I have so many in my closet and always get excited for more. Personally its my favorite accessories besides actual "accessories". It can dress up any outfit, from pants with a dressy shirt to jeans and a tee shirt. I wear blazers with pretty much everything, casual/dressy, flats/heels. It spices up all my outfits and looks so chic. I have blazers from Topshop, Zara, H&M, Forever21, Bebe. Topshop and Zara are generally my go to shopping stores, but especially for blazers. They're great quality and last really long. I especially love blazers with big shoulder pads!!!! The bigger the better! Always been my motto. How do you guys feel about blazers? Yay or nay?

Entire outfit from Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top American Apparel, Blazer H&M, Jeans Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Forever21, Blazer Topshop, Jeans ZARA, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Winsor Store, Blazer Forever21, Jeans ZARA Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Necessary Clothing, Jeans Topshop, Blazer Necessary Clothing, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Forever21, Jeans Zara, Blazer Forever21, Shoes Lolashoetique

Top Topshop, Pants Topshop, Blazer Marciano, Shoes Christian Louboutin

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shine bright like a disco ball!! Highlighter GALORE

Where do I begin? Most of you know I am obsessedddddddddddd with highlighters!!! Its my favorite makeup product to use. I actually collect them. Nothing I enjoy more then glowing, it gives such light to the face and brings out your features. I was never a fan of matte looks. Even when it was "in" a couple of years ago, I always wore highlighters. Bring on the DEWWWW hunnyyyy.  I'm also expecting another highlighter that was recommended by a friend but its not listed in the photos. Its the Becca shimmering skin powder highlighter in "Opal". Will do an updated review on it when it arrives. Ok back to the ones listed. One of my first favorite highlighters is Mac "Whisper of Gilt". Its a bright golden shade. I used to wear it alllllll the time, before I discovered Estee Lauder "Heat Wave". "Heat Wave" is like "Whisper of Gilt" on crack. They're almost identical in color, but "Heat Wave" is more pigmented. I've had the Mary Lou Manizer for a while and never used it, somehow I ended up losing then seen it on a friend and repurchased it. Its a gorgeous highlight and it adds a champagne golden glow.  If you like pink or peachy tones, Mac "Superb", and "Lightscepade" are great options. If you prefer more of a silvery highlight then Mac "Soft and Gentle" would be essential. My newest discovery is the Diorskin Nude Tan Transat Edition. It might even be more pigmented then Estee Lauder's "Heat Wave", which is SHOCKING. I didn't even think that was possible considering "Heat Wave" is incredibly pigmented, but the Dior one might be my new favorite. The only bad news is its limited, I know I know I am always wearing products that are discontinued but unfortunately those are the best ones. The Dior highlighter was part of their Summer collection. I do also like the Charlotte Tilbury Scult and Highlight compact, the sculpt shade isn't dark enough for me but the highlight is beautiful. Its not as strong as the others but still offers a really soft golden glow.

(In order from Left to Right)
Estee Lauder "HEAT WAVE" (Limited Edition)
Mac "WHISPER OF GILT" (Limited Edition)
Mac "SUPERB" (Limited Edition)
Diorskin Nude Tan TRANSAT EDITION (Limited Edition)
Mary-Lou Manizer 

Estee Lauder "Heat Wave"
Charlotte Tilbury "Filmstar Bronze & Glow
Mac "Whisper of Gilt"
Mac "Superb"
Mac "Lightscepade"
Diorskin Nude Tan Transat Edition
Mary Lou Manizer
Mac "Soft and Gentle"